CRRC Program changes


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1.   Random Testing failure threshold change
Under the new Board approved provisions, the CRRC Random Testing Program will fail a product that receives a test result greater than ± .05 its Solar Reflectance or Thermal Emittance initial values. For example, if the rated value is 0.50, then any test result that is between 0.45 and 0.55 is satisfactory and is deemed to pass the random test. These new provisions will come into effect for the 2012 CRRC Random Testing Program. This decision was made in reference to the June Board decision to only allow posting of actual tested values on the CRRC Product Rated Directory (no longer allowing licensees to post lower than tested values).

2. Slide method variant of C1371
Product samples not mounted on a metal substrate (e.g. tile, shingle, BUR, mod-bit, single ply products (fleece-backed or not), polymer-composite product, or wood) shall be tested using the Slide Method. Currently the only products submitted to the CRRC on metal substrates are factory applied coatings/metal products and field applied coatings. Hence, only these products on metal substrates will use C1371, all others will use the Slide Method. The Board approved the Slide Method for products of high thermal resistance in order to prevent excess heat gain in samples which are poor conductors and to obtain more reliable emittance measurements.

3. Interim wood product rating test method
The Board approved the wood roofing product test method. Currently this test method only applies to cedar wood shingles. Wood products shall be tested using CRRC-1 Test Method 1 until a standard error of .02 is achieved with a minimum of 30 sample points.

4. 20% Tolerance for field-applied coating or single-ply sample thickness
The Board approved an update to the Test Results Report to clarify that each sample must be within 20% of the manufacturer’s minimum recommended thickness.

5. Profiled metal products
In all cases, flat samples of metal products will be used for testing in lieu of profiled metal or factory applied coated products.

See Cool Roof Rating Council Manual Here

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