Cool Roof Repairs Featured Project

Featured Project of the Month

First Industrial Realty Trust teamed up with JemStar Construction for the February 2012 featured Project of the Month!

Property Location: Scott Avenue, Santa Clarita, California

Installed By: JemStar Construction Services

Property Manager: Kim Summers

JemStar Construction completed roof repairs for First Industrial’s Scott Avenue property in September, 2011. After inspecting the repairs recently, First Industrial’s roof consultant extended the roof life for an additional four years. JemStar Construction used the SureCoat Roof Extender System to repair and waterproof various penetrations, leaks and problem areas on this roof. SureCoat was used to seal the perimeter of multiple HVAC units to the roof surface, to seal around large roof mount vents and to re-adhere open wall and base flashing. A three layer system of coating, fabric, coating, was applied on lap seams in various areas throughout the roof field and at the perimeter of the roof using SureCoat.

These repairs are now the base for a complete system. They are an investment in a future restoration system rather than temporary repairs, such as those achieved with roof mastics, acrylic and emulsions. Other uses of SureCoat Systems’ products on this roof were for the granule loss on the cap sheet. A combination of SurePrime and matching granules was used to restore these areas.

Kim Summers, property manager at First Industrial Realty Trust, had just recently taken over management of this property. What she found was that several contractors had attempted and failed to stop the roof leaks for this building. The tenant was frustrated because prior to the SureCoat repairs, this building experienced years of roof leaks. Past repairs done with traditional roof patch materials had failed. Kim contracted with JemStar to complete the repairs based on her previous experience with them and JemStar’s reputation to Stop Roof Leaks using SureCoat waterproofing solutions.

When asked about this project Kim stated JemStar recently completed SureCoat repairs at the penetrations of our roof. Not only was the tenant pleased to no longer have leaks in their warehouse, but in addition, the 3rd party roof consultant moved out the scheduled replacement of the roof by 4 years.

Many of First Industrial properties are under contract with a roof consultant. These consultants walk each building’s roof annually and write reports to the owners with their recommendation of work to be done, immediate and future repairs that are needed and the overall life expectancy of the roof in its current condition. This allows the property owner the opportunity to get a roof budget in place while staying aware of the current maintenance and repairs that are needed for their buildings.

In the case of this Santa Clarita property, First Industrial’s roof consultant extended the life of this building’s roof in his written report for an additional four years, after he had inspected the SureCoat repairs. Here lies the value in using SureCoat products for permanent roof repairs. These are repairs that can be tied into a fully warranted system when the building owner’s budget allows for it.

About SureCoat Systems

SureCoat Systems specializes in waterproofing systems for industrial and commercial flat and low-sloped roofing, exterior walls and concrete. SureCoat Systems have developed an exclusive line of waterproofing products that conserve on energy and protect buildings from water intrusion! Visit to learn more or call and speak with a waterproofing specialist today at 877-823-7873.
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