Gallon for Gallon what coating costs Le$$?


Not only is SureCoat Roof coating a better grade and quality of material compared to ordinary coatings but mil for mil, gallon for gallons it actually cost less. Typically manufacturers will specify a defined Dry Film Thickness (DFT) for a warranted system. Unfortunately for you, the applicator, your territory salesman will not always disclose the complete system requirements to you. This can leave you in a position where if you ever needed to access the roof warranty it would be void. This often happens with multiple component systems or on roofs that pond water.

The first way to figure out what you are getting is to ask for a sample copy of the manufacturer’s warranty up front along with the total DFT breakdown for acquiring said warranty. The second is to memorize the DFT equation below. Use this equation to begin to comparing apples to apples. Image

                        Solids by Volume ● 1604/100


Coating A – 35% Solids by Volume = 5.6 DFT/mils — Takes 1.9 gallons to = 1 gallon of SureCoat so even at $10 less per gallon, it is $1.41 more expensive per mil. (Standard paint is really only about 22% SBV)

SureCoat – 65% Solids by Volume = 10.4 DFT/mils

*Outline from How to Evaluate Waterproof Coatings – Roofs, Walls, Floors is available by calling 877-823-7873 or Click here and type your request in the comments section.*


  • Covers Ponding Water
  • Sustainable – Renewable
  • Mil for Mil Costs Less
  • Solid Core of Energy Efficient material
  • Low Perm Rating – Waterproof
  • Outstanding Tested Physical Properties

About SureCoat Systems

SureCoat Systems specializes in waterproofing systems for industrial and commercial flat and low-sloped roofing, exterior walls and concrete. SureCoat Systems have developed an exclusive line of waterproofing products that conserve on energy and protect buildings from water intrusion! Visit to learn more or call and speak with a waterproofing specialist today at 877-823-7873.
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