FBI Captain Installs SureCoat instead of a New BUR – Featured November Project of the Month

FBI Captain enters contracts with Pioneer Roofing & Specialties, Inc. to restore her residential BUR roof that was rattled with Hail Damage from a storm that hit their beautiful gated Country Club Community of Las Cruces, New Mexico – USA.


Pioneer Roofing crew installing The SureCoat Roof System

It was an FBI associate’s wife, an insurance adjuster for a major insurance company, who introduced this FBI homeowner to Mario Moreno of Pioneer Roofing in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

“It’s a funny story” Mario states, “Right before I was recommended to the homeowner, I received a call from this insurance adjuster (we have done work together before) and she asked me why all the new roofs around here were failing after only 3 years? My answer was poor workmanship and poor products.”

Pioneer Roofing sealed the skylights with SureCoat first.

Mario and the insurance adjuster were able to settle the homeowners claim for a new roof at a fair price. Mario recommended to the homeowner a SureCoat Roof System be installed vs. another traditional 4-ply BUR. The customer opted for Mario’s recommendation and is very happy with her decision. There was a level of trust that was reach based on Mario’s experience and license held for General Contracting, Roofing, Glazing and complete home renovation and remodel expertise. Mario Moreno is the owner of Pioneer Roofing for 25 years with over 35 years construction and roofing experience. Some of his clients include major banks like Wells Fargo and Citizens Bank of Las Cruces, who contract direct with Pioneer Roofing for their roofing and other construction needs throughout the state of New Mexico.

Prior to the specified application of the SureCoat Roof System, Mario addressed all the homeowner roof issues including the scuppers, skylights, and other roof penetrations. His quality of work comes very highly recommended as the Best Quality Workmanship in the Las Cruces, NM area. You can see for yourself from the pictures the perfection that comes with his companies installations.

To contact Mario at PIONEER ROOFING call 575/649-9829.

Later Mario goes on to say “I did my research. I investigated and read the disclaimers on all the products that I was considering and found that everyone except for SureCoat excluded ponding water. I visit SureCoat Systems facility in California twice and each time I left with something new telling myself, now that is why I want to work with them, not to mention the great support that I get there!


About SureCoat Systems

SureCoat Systems specializes in waterproofing systems for industrial and commercial flat and low-sloped roofing, exterior walls and concrete. SureCoat Systems have developed an exclusive line of waterproofing products that conserve on energy and protect buildings from water intrusion! Visit www.surecoatsystems.com to learn more or call and speak with a waterproofing specialist today at 877-823-7873.
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