How to fix a Tar & Gravel Roof

How to fix a Tar & Gravel Roof with SureCoat
Contractors are constantly surprised that they don’t have to do a complete (and possibly hazardous) tear-off when re-roofing an old tar and gravel roof and that you can use a coating like SureCoat. When we said SureCoat can be applied over ANY existing substrate (except silicone), we meant it!

Tar and gravel on flat or low-sloped roofs are one of the most difficult roof systems to detect and repair leaks. The gravel hides the surface of the roof and often creates a water dam on a flat roof that allows water to pond for long periods of time. When the HVAC or other trade contractor walks on a dried out gravel roof, the rocks puncture the brittle roof membrane. Many times, these types of roofs will have dozens of mastic puddles throughout the roof where roof leak repairs have been attempted.

Once the roof is brittle and has reached the end of its life cycle, it is better to consider a full reconditioning. Otherwise, years can be spent chasing leaks. A puncture in the roof membrane from a rock can even appear as a leak in another area. The SureCoat Roof System restores a tar and gravel roof while adding the cool roof benefits that it never had, not even on day one. The problem is that walking on gravel over brittle felt or paper only increases the chances of developing another leak. Mastics absorb heat and become brittle after being in direct sunlight for 6 months. The gravel should always be removed to properly perform a repair.

The SureCoat Roof System is the best option for reconditioning an existing gravel roof. The SureCoat Roof System with its single-component, epoxy-hybrid coating will use the existing roof deck to add performing attributes that a gravel roof never had. There are a few steps initially to prepare a gravel roof for the SureCoat Roof System application. The full installation process is done once. After that, maintenance topcoats are only needed every 10-15 years to renew the roof and warranty.

The SureCoat Roof System converts a gravel roof into a sustainable, renewable and Energy Saving roof system. Watch the video and see the magic happen!

About SureCoat Systems

SureCoat Systems specializes in waterproofing systems for industrial and commercial flat and low-sloped roofing, exterior walls and concrete. SureCoat Systems have developed an exclusive line of waterproofing products that conserve on energy and protect buildings from water intrusion! Visit to learn more or call and speak with a waterproofing specialist today at 877-823-7873.
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