About Us

SureCoat Systems is committed to providing excellent customer support and Green waterproof materials for commercial and residential flat roofs and exterior walls.

SureCoat was created with the focus of serving the multi-billion dollar coating industry. With that in mind we developed an exclusive line of vertical and horizontal surface coating products. Originally produced for industrial use SureCoat has been reformulated and perfected for your residential and commercial real estate.

SureCoat is the ONLY coating that is known to be waterproof from surface to substrate and has a written manufacturer’s material warranty that states it will not fail due to ordinary ponding caused by natural precipitation. You can not buy that with anyone’s NDL for a fee; you get it for free by installing The SureCoat Roof System. The SureCoat Wall System has a Lifetime Warranty for Residential Homes. SureCoat will not crack, chip, or peel we guarantee it!

We stand behind our product and have the warranty to prove it! Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a contractor, our team is here to listen to your building needs and answer you technical questions about your roof and exterior walls.
Call us today at 877-823-7873

2 Responses to About Us

  1. deepak says:

    Pls specify will it can be used for concrete roof water proofing, what will be the life span of coated surface, what will be the cost for 10000 sq ft. who is the Indian agent from whom we can purchase this product, also specify what will be the minimum thickness of coating require for good water proofing.

    +91 9158999538

    • Yes it can absolutely be used on concrete roof decks with ponding. The application is fairly simple if you have coating experience. We sell direct nationally and internationally. You are looking at about $1.74 sq. ft. for a complete system (cleaner, Densifier, coating and mesh fabric). You can expect to get minimum 10 years before any touch ups would be needed. The system is renewable so a light top coat in 10 years would renew the system for another 10 years. My apologies for not seeing this comment sooner. You can contact us direct here: http://www.surecoatsystems.com/contact-surecoat.asp Thank you for your interest.

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