Environmentally Friendly and Economically Smart Roofing



Date: November 25, 2014
Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877-823-7873, jamie@surecoatsystems.com

Vets at Work Contracting, Inc. completed this environmentally friendly and economically smart roofing system by using the existing gravel built-up roof as the base for their new roof when installing the SureCoat Roof System.


9,600 SF of this 10,000 SF roof was restored with a reroof alternative that is making its name known across the United States, SureCoat Systems, famous for the SureCoat Roof System. SureCoat Systems has continued to awe the industry with solutions to construction building problems that have plagued the industry for decades.

Vets at work is a veteran owned and operated construction company specializing in the SureCoat Roof System for hospitals, churches, government buildings and other specialized projects where environment and cost are important. Read the rest of the story here…

– See more at: http://www.surecoatsystems.com/vets_at_work_gravel_roof_restoration_leland_ms_church_project.asp#sthash.B4FdWvBk.dpuf

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Underground Concrete Sump Waterproofed on Fire Training Tower in the City of Downey


Date: October 31, 2014

Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877/823-7873, jamie@surecoatsystems.com

It may seem a little SPOOKY to you, but we are not SCARED!  The SureCoat Roof System was installed as a waterproofing protection and prevention system to the underground sump of the Fire Training Tower for the City of Downey.

Downey, California
– The SureCoat Roof System was used by local approved contractor, JemStar Construction, to waterproof the underground water holding sump and the inside walls for the City of Downey’s Fire Training Tower. The city’s main concern was to keep water from permeating through the water containing sump and into the surrounding ground.

Fire Training Tower

Fire Training Tower in the city of Downey, California, USA.

This was not the City of Downey’s first attempt to eradicate this issue.  The sump of this concrete tower had hairline cracks that were allowing for water seepage through all sides of the walls. The products previously used as an attempt to stop the issue failed.

Other cities have this same problem with their fire training towers.  Some are so bad that the water intrusion into the ground has caused erosion to the point that the fire training towers are leaning.  This water erosion has caused the surrounding ground to become unstable and unable to support the tower any longer in this condition.  The training towers that have reached to this point must undergo more major construction to restabilize the ground before waterproofing the sump and putting the training towers back in service.


Training Tower water sump before SureCoat

Water Holding Sump BEFORE the SureCoat Roof System

SureSkrub, SureCoat and Poly-Mesh create the SureCoat Roof System. This same waterproof roof system has been tested and proven TRUE for other uses as well.  Contractors have experimented with various uses of SureCoat and invented new solutions using this same Field Tested and proven waterproofing system.


Underground concrete holding walls and sump waterproofed with the SureCoat Roof System.

The SureCoat Roof System has been used for containment systems, walls and decking in addition to flat roofs and low-sloped roofs.  This SureCoat Systems’ Approved Contractor used their SureCoat roofing experience for this unique waterproofing solution.

Do you have a SureCoat waterproofing story that you want to tell us about?  Share it with us and we’ll share it with everyone!

About the Product: The SCRS is flexible enough to bridge cracks, withstand the expansion and contraction caused by movement, vibration and thermal cycling, and retain its tightly cross-linked molecular structure; remaining waterproof, UV stable and energy efficient.  “One Bucket, Thousands of Uses”, Download the brochure today.

Don’t be AFRAID to try the SCRS for your specialty project today. If you’re not SURE, CALL and SPEAK with a Product Specialist today at 877-823-7873.

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Air Quality Monitoring Station – Restored vs. Replaced in Anaheim, California


Date: October 28, 2014
Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877-823-7873, info@surecoatsystems.com
Contractor: JemStar Construction Services

Anaheim, CA – The South CoastAQMD facilitates air quality monitoring stations throughout Southern California. Most look like this storage container. These off-site offices hold weather sensitive air quality monitoring equipment and computers. These offices are always active and occupied intermittently for monitoring and testing of air quality and gathering data for testing. This expensive, high-tech machinery must be protected from heat as well as water.

AQMD - Metal building

Air Quality Monitoring Station located in Orange County, California – USA.


Air Quality Monitoring Station located in Orange County, California – USA.


Air Quality Monitoring Station located in Orange County, California – USA.

This air quality monitoring station and four others have been restored over the last year using SureCoat and a SureCoat Approved Contractor. These containers were covered in rust because standard paints and coatings used in the past were unable to stop the oxidation process that leads to rusting.  You can see from the picture that the rust bled through the paint as it continued to degrade the metal.

Metal roofs and containers are extruded and anodized or painted at the factory before they are installed in the field. The baked on coatings have not provided any energy-saving benefit in the past. Most worn metal roofs have been neglected to the point that rust is evident. There will be missing fasteners that have come loose through the thermal cycling process and popped off. Beyond the surface rust, there are often holes in the metal where the roof has rusted through. Often these roofs are not attended to until there is a leak and multiple issues present.

Regular exterior paint and acrylic roof coatings cannot hold up to the constant thermal cycling, heat, UV radiation exposure. In addition, the preparation work required to paint metal is extensive and often includes primer coats, rust inhibitors, and several topcoats. All the work the contractor is required to do will not add any integrity to these paints and coatings. The oxidation process that causes rust is not stopped because water can still reach the metal as moisture permeates through paints and acrylic coatings. Rust will appear from under the paint or coating proving the degradation of the metal has continued.

In addition, sheet metal used to make HVAC duct work and plenums will also rust if left unprotected. HVAC duct seams, roof jacks and other metal flashings are often sealed with black and gray mastics. These mastics absorb heat, become brittle and split in a short period of time and need constant maintenance to keep the seal watertight.

The SureCoat Roof System coating material is an excellent product to seal metal seams and to protect sheet metal from rust. The elastomeric, monolithic, waterproof membrane adheres to all types of metals including factory coated metal, galvanized, bonderized, mild steel, sheet metal and aluminum. The SureCoat Roof System forms an elastomeric, seamless, protective, waterproof membrane over the roof field that moves with thermal cycles.

Without water and air, the oxidation process is interrupted so rust no longer forms on the metal.

Exposed duct runs can be sealed to keep the heated or cool air from escaping through the seams. SureCoat Roof System material emits 93% of the heat which will keep cold air from heating up as it passes through the ducts in the summer for better efficiency and lower cooling costs. The lowered demand on the HVAC system may help to extend the life of the equipment.

SureCoat is Field-Tested™ and Proven to be the most effective metal restoration coating available for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, storage and maintenance over metal.

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PVC Roofing – Albany, Oregon – General Hospital


Date: September 19, 2014

Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877/823-7873, jamie@surecoatsystems.com

The SureCoat Roof System was installed over the upper main roof of Albany General Hospital, a full-service hospital located in Albany, Oregon.

Albany, ORSureCoat Systems’ Platinum Approved Contractor, Premium Roof Services, received this SureCoat Systems’ lead and restored the 15,000 square foot upper level roof on Albany General Hospital. Albany General Hospital is a full-service hospital located in the historical and charming state of Oregon.

The SureCoat Roof System

The SureCoat Roof System installed by Premium Roof Services located Bend, Oregon over Albany General Hospital.

When Albany General Hospital inquired to SureCoat Systems, they were in desperate need of a waterproof restoration system for their failing PVC roof that held significant amounts of ponding water due to age and design.

hospital_roofs_oregon IMG_3093

Prior to the installation of the SureCoat Roof System, Albany Hospital had other contractors attempt to restore this aged roof. The roof consisted of an exposed PVC roofing membrane installed over Built-up roofing with foam insulation over a metal roof deck substrate.

Albany General Hospital recently completed an upper floor remodel.  The complete upper floor is home to the birthing/delivery and neo-natal section of the hospital (new babies and moms), and is VERY sensitive to ANY kind of activity.  The condition of the roof had multiple leaks at various locations, and at this point the nurses on duty were used to ceiling tiles coming down in random places.  In the worst of weather, water would run down the outside walls of patients’ rooms, forcing the hospital to close them and lose bed space. This year, they knew that something needed to be done, but they also knew that a complete removal of the old system would force them to completely shut down the top floor of the hospital due to the sensitive nature of the patients cared for at this corridor.  Complete removal of the existing roof system would expose the metal decking, potentially turning the hospital into a construction site. The hospital would be fully exposed under these circumstances.

The VERY BEST that could have been done under these conditions would have involved closing entire sections of the top floor at a time as the construction work progressed.  Proposals from previous roofing companies outlined this as their only option.  Further concerns with creating a construction site at the hospital was that every air handler and HVAC unit providing service to the hospital, including the Surgery Center, are on this roof requiring acute care be taken to avoid DUST, FUMES and DEBRIS from penetrating the building.

The SureCoat Roof System

The SureCoat Roof System installed by Premium Roof Services located Bend, Oregon over Albany General Hospital.

Problems with their existing roof were leaks at multiple locations that were very difficult to trace and track back to point of entry due to the roof configuration of multiple layers, insulation and fluted metal deck substrate.  Details and installation techniques on the PVC roofing membrane were poor; many of the pipe penetrations were sealed with only a bead of caulking. There were heat-welded seam failures throughout the roof at multiple locations.  Puncture holes were very prolific, from years of foot traffic in servicing the HVAC units, vibrational movement of the roof-mount equipment and thermal cycling.  In addition, wind damage to walk pads created further failures including holes in many locations of the roof.  Degradation of spray foam due to water intrusion had created a condition of nearly zero slopes to roof drains. The roof ponds ½” or more at all times during the rainy season leaving options limited to a complete tear-off and redesign or a restoration system unaffected by year-round ponding water.

The SureCoat Roof System

The SureCoat Roof System installed by Premium Roof Services located Bend, Oregon over Albany General Hospital.

Multiple attempts to stop leaks and maintain the roof were performed over the years. Contractors and maintenance crews tried everything from caulking to TPO patches, even peel and stick roofing patches. All prior attempts had failed as nothing would stick to the existing single-ply PVC roof membrane.  Several attempts were made to incorporate TPO overlay patches in larger areas with caulking as a seam-sealer and at the tie-ins.  These caulking patches peeled off within a few years.  Again, curbs and field seams leaked. Further maintenance attempts were performed again using peel and stick patches with Elastobond. Most patches did not adhere, but in some areas, those that did show adhesion only managed to hide evidence of membrane damage caused by saturation.

The SureCoat Roof System

Albany General Hospital – The SureCoat Roof System installed by Premium Roof Services located in Bend, Oregon

The hospital facility’s staff discovered SureCoat Systems during their research and investigation of a good fit for their problem. Through their research, they were seeking a solution for the following:

  1. How could they refurbish the roof surface without creating a construction site or mess involved with removing the old roofing materials?
  2. Accessibility; Albany General Hospital is an older building with several smaller buildings confined together, restricting space. Taking up the hospital’s parking areas with cranes, dumpsters, scaffolding and debris chutes were not something the hospital was in favor of as caring for patients is the hospital’s sole purpose.
  3. It was not possible to shut down vital services to the hospital; i.e. heating and air conditioning.
  4. The roofing construction could have ZERO effect to the top corridor services; birthing and neonatal. There was no room for error negotiation on this point. The operations of this corridor could not be exposed to any fumes, dust or debris.
  5. The hospital wanted a roof warranty that covered them under ponding water conditions, rather than a new roof that excluded it.

    “Midway through the project, after the initial polyester and first coat, we had several rain storms. The semi-completed system held and we did not have any leaks!” stated Eric Keithcart, owner of Premium Roof Services.  Look around Premium Roof Services website.  This PVC single-ply roof membrane was approximately 15 years old at time of restoration. 

    “I have been in the roofing industry for over 25 years, and have seen and used many coating products. This was our first project using the SureCoat roof restoration system. This project involved a large number of details, and suffered from extreme ponding at multiple locations. Logistics and building use issues made removal of existing systems, and installation of any other type of system, next to impossible.” Eric Keithcart – Premium Roof Services, Oregon USA

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Cool Roofs in Summer Heat


Date: August 29, 2014

Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877-823-7873, jamie@surecoatsystems.com

Throughout the Western United States, cool roofs are used to reduce energy costs, prolong the life of traditional roofs and lower roof maintenance costs.

Anaheim, CA – Are you interested in reducing your energy costs? Do you want to extend the life of your roof and save thousands over a tear-off and the “unknown factor” once your roof is removed? Then you want a cool roof.


All over the globe, throughout the Western United States and especially in the Mid-West, cool roofs are used to reduce energy costs, prolong the life of traditional roof systems and lower roofing maintenance costs.SureCoat-extender-roof

Cool roofs have proven to save on energy costs, especially cooling costs in the hot summer months. But not all cool roofs are created equal. Be careful not to flush your energy saving investment down the “roof drain”. Manufacturers of acrylic roof coatings and silver or aluminum roof coatings DO NOT recommend these products be installed over low-slope roofs with ponding water (water that sits 48 hours after rain). If you are a commercial property owner or commercial roofing contractor, you know that all roofs pond water to some degree. Most commonly these ponding areas are in the drains and waterways and more commonly than not, throughout the field of the roof. Look at the figures below and think about this… How long will your “cool roof” remain a “cool roof”?

Typically installed over an emulsion and fiber reinforced base coat, the waterproofing portion of this type of roof restoration system, acrylic cool roof coatings and reflective aluminum coatings just don’t hold up to moisture and UV. These types of roof coatings can only reflect the UV while they are on the roof. Once they peel, crack and lift, you are left with a hot, heat-absorbing black roof that does not contain any UV resistance. hydro-stop-failures-roof-drains

The photos show typical results ponding_water_on_roofof acrylic roof coatings, even those used in conjunction with a waterproofing emulsion base coat. The roofs displayed in the photos above were only 6 months to 3 years old at the time the photos were taken. The manufacturers of these coatings specifically state in their installation specification, “not to use in areas where water ponds”.

This information was either not passed along to the contractor or ignored by the installing contractor. These emulsion and acrylic roof systems are inexpensive because the materials are inexpensive. However these systems are far from free. The majority of the costs for these types of roofing systems are the labor costs. These systems are not designed to be sustainable cool roofs. Once the white coating or silver coating peels away, the cool roof and all its energy saving, heat emitting values are completely lost.

The warranty on these roofing materials claim the roof will be leak free for a period of time but not a cool roof for any period of time. The black emulsion is the waterproofing, not the white acrylic. The reflective acrylic coatings always peel up on commercial low-slope roofs and industrial flat roofs, exposing the emulsion waterproofing. The Ultra-Violet (UV) and thermal protective membrane is gone and the roof is no longer a cool roof.

The upside: The SureCoat Roof System is a completely seamless, renewable and sustainable cool roof membrane. A SureCoat Roof will remain a waterproof roof as well as a cool roof for the entire life of the warranty. SureCoat Systems manufacturer’s written material warranty states that “The SureCoat Roof System will not leak due to ordinary ponding water caused by natural precipitation”.

Since the SureCoat Roof is a solid core of a single material, as the roof wears, the heat emitting thermal values and UV reflective values remain throughout the life cycle of the roof. When a SureCoat Roof becomes dirty, a simple cleaning with SureSkrub, a biodegradable cleaner, will turn a SureCoat Roof bright white again which will recapture nearly all the initial reflectivity. You cannot scrub any other coating system without it lifting as shown in the pictures below.

The thermal heat emitting values of a SureCoat roof always remain exceedingly high at 93%, creating a Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of 102 after aged and dirty. SureCoat was engineered for large commercial low-slope roofs and large industrial flat roofs that pond water, as all large low-slope roofs pond to some degree.



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Hail Damage to Single-ply Roofs


Date: August 5, 2014

Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877-823-7873, jamie@surecoatsystems.com

Hail damage undetected in well formulated single-ply membranes in parts of the Western US.

In a recent bulletin published by WSRCA, a Linked In professional group of Roofing Contractors, preliminary reports of latent hail damage went undetected for months and in some cases, years in certain thermoplastic single-ply membranes.

Harsh climates with extreme temperature variance cause single-ply roofing membranes, specifically PVC and TPO, to deteriorate at a more accelerated rate than the same roofing material performs in other climates with less extreme weather. Unfortunately, these weathered single-ply roofs are more vulnerable to damage caused by hail impact.

Latent hail damage is often undetected until further damage has begun to manifest, causing roof leaks, roof failures and roof substrate damage. This type of hail damage is the unseen damage created by the initial impact of hail. Left unprotected through prolonged periods of time, latent hail damage can result in the need for a roof tear-off or re-roof and roofing substrate repairs.


Don’t wait until she tests your roof!

Much of the Western US is affected by hail storms. If you are a property owner in an area commonly affected by hail, you know just how costly and inconvenient hail damage can be to your building and even your daily business operations. The cost and inconvenience to have your roof and roofing substrate replaced due to hail damage takes this inconvenience to another level with a potential closing of the business, damaged assets or loss of tenants. Property owners and insurance companies in this part of the country know that they cannot avoid Mother Nature. What many of them are discovering now is a product that can stand up to good ol’ Mother Nature herself!

The SureCoat Roof System can be used to repair all levels of hail damage on metal roofs, asphalt shingles, built-up roofs, SPF, PVC, TPO, EPDM, Hypalon and other single-ply membranes The SureCoat Roof System has a perfected elongation of 400% and sustains an elongation of 160% at freezing.  The SureCoat Roof System has an advanced tensile strength of 2800 psi.  ASTM weathered testing results did not show any signs of cracking, splitting, separation or rupture when under examination; magnified 10 times through ASTM hail resistance testing which meets or exceeds FM standards.

What this means for property owners and insurance companies: Future hail damage to a SureCoat Roof is rare. In the event that there was future damage or future penetrations made to an existing SureCoat roof, the repairs would be a minimal cost with minimal labor. The continuous bonding properties and cross-linked nature of SureCoat creates a waterproof, monolithic seal that is self-adhered and self-flashing. A SureCoat roof repair melts into the existing SureCoat Roof becoming a part of it, without leaving a cold-joint. Read more about SureCoat for hail damage.


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The MAP Sports Facility – 85,000 SF Cool Roof Restoration & Waterproofing System



Date: May 30, 2014

Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877/823-7873, jamie@surecoatsystems.com

The SureCoat Roof System was installed over 85,000 SF of flat rolled roofing on The MAP Sports Facility located in Garden Grove.

Garden Grove, CA – A SureCoat Systems’ Platinum Approved Contractor received this lead and built this 85,000 square foot project on The MAP Sports Facility located at: 12552 Western Avenue, Garden Grove, CA. When the contractor originally took this roof under contract, they used the SureCoat roof maintenance plan to keep an eye on the roof and keep the leaks at bay while the building owners worked to get the roof budget in place.

The MAP Sports

The MAP Sports
Garden Grove, CA

Partners that started The MAP facility ran leagues all their adult life. Their leagues were growing and they decided to lease a huge warehouse and create an inside venue with a professional athlete atmosphere. Everyone wants to feel like a star when they’re on the court! The partners of The MAP facility and their sponsors made it possible to turn this commercial warehouse into a First Class Sports Venue!

Prior to the construction remodel, this was a vacant storage warehouse. The building had three major concerns that were all solved with one product; 1) continuous roof leaks, 2) the tenants would not allow for a tear-off and 3) heat transfer into the building. Hundreds of athletes in motion have a tendency to create a lot of hot air!

reroof_commercial_roofingThe MAP facility had already completed their $500,000 interior redesign and improvements when the roof leaks appeared in the rainy season. Approximately $300,000 of which was eight new maple wood basketball courts and volleyball training courts, new carpet and new flooring. Leaks through the roof was a serious concern for the tenant their first years open and a tear-off was just as much of a concern and with good reason. These basketball courts could not get wet. A roof tear off would not only create a huge a mess with truckloads of waste carried off to landfills, but would likely damage the newly remodeled sports venue and close down daily operations.

The MAP Sports houses large and small basketball tournaments and both private and recreational sports leagues every day of the week. After a ½ million dollar construction investment funded in part by dozens of big name sponsors, closing down for a month or more, was not possible for the partners of The MAP Sports Facility. They did not want any new construction to damage their expensive investment.

The MAP Sportssports_complex_roofingreroof_gardengrove_sportscomplex




In the interim, while the owners of the building worked to get their roof budget in place, the roofing contractor performed approximately 10,000 SF of SureCoat roof partials and repairs over the course of three years. The SureCoat repairs were tied into as part of the full roof system once the roof budget was funded. The SureCoat Roof System was completed on this building in April of 2014.

What this means for the building owner: Repair and maintenance budget dollars are not wasted on temporary roof repairs rather they are an investment towards a new roof! Future penetrations are easily sealed with a SureCoat Roof Repair Kit and will self-adhere to the existing SureCoat Roof without voiding the manufacturer roof warranty. The MAP Sports Facility Website



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