SureCoat Receives 2013 All Star Award 2 Years in a Row

SureCoats Systems has received the 2013 All Star Award from Constant Contact®, Inc.

SureCoat Systems‘ results ranked among the top 10% of Constant Contact’s international customer base. “We are excited to be recognized by Constant Contact for achieving strong marketing results by connecting with our customers!” said Marketing Manager, Jamie Barnett, “Using this program has helped us to streamline our marketing plan by supporting our customer database, allowing for easy uploads and integrations.

BUR roof repairs California

SureCoat Systems made All Stars for Home Run roof repairs and marketing!

In addition, tools offered by Constant Contact allow us to stay in front of our customers and potential customers, but most importantly, our Constant Contact marketing campaign has created 100’s of leads for our Approved Contractors in 2013.” Jamie continues, “We just want to say thank you to all our valued customers for being a part of our success. It is because of you and your hard work out there in the field and office”.

“We’re always delighted when small businesses and nonprofits are successful,” said Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact. “We’re honored to recognize SureCoat Systems as an All Star, and to be able to shine the spotlight on their achievements in 2013.”

About SureCoat Systems
SureCoat Systems® was founded from a desire to offer sustainable products and permanent roof and wall solutions to meet the needs and demands of the building industry and property owners. SureCoat Systems’ products are backed by over 30 years of chemical designing, engineering and manufacturing of polymeric hybrid, specialty coatings for the marine and construction industry. Utilizing our 30 + years of experience in the construction industry, SureCoat Systems has developed recommendations for the most effective use of our restoration products. Solving problems is what we do best.
If you are interested in becoming a SureCoat Systems’ Approved Contractor for your area, please see more at or call 877-823-7873.

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Spring Time Roof Maintenance and Repairs

Prove to your clients that you really STOP ROOF LEAKS FOR INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL ROOFS and they will return to you for a Complete Restoration System when their roof budgets are put in place.

Reinforced repairs made with SureCoat roof coating systems have proven to last 10 years. Best of all, repairs done by an Approved Contractor can be integrated into a fully warranted system one piece at a time, as your customer’s budget allows for it.


Roof leaks often occur at roof penetrations, around roof mount air conditioning units and HVAC ducts or at skylights and waterways. Roof leaks on flat roofs and low slope roofs are typically caused by splits, cracks, and tears at roof seams or checking in the field of roofs that have often times been previously treated with low grade coatings such as mastic, tar or acrylic coatings.

By using the SureCoat Roof Extender System to seal penetrations, repair drain and scupper areas, recondition waterways and ponding areas, even seal skylights, HVAC ducts, plenums, and more, you can save your customer THOUSAND$!

SureCoat Systems’ Roof Extender system is compatible with all types of flat roofs and low slope roofs including EPDM, Rubber, PVC, TPO and other types Single Ply roofs, BUR, SPF Foam, Metal roofs and more. Rather than wasting your customers repair dollars, why not offer them a sustainable roof repair?

The SureCoat Roof Extender can be applied as a partial repair system for use in waterways, and drains, for ponding areas, HVAC curbs, ducts, plenums, penetrations and skylights. This partial system then gives your customers a future option to complete the reconditioning system and obtain a warranty for their roof. This is the same warranty offered for the SureCoat Roof System, renewable for the life of the building to which it is applied.

SureCoat roof coating is a UV Stable, liquid seamless single ply that is waterproof and will protect your roof for life. The SureCoat Roof System is engineered with only the highest grade resins and polymers for a perfected waterproof, hybrid coating solution for commercial and industrial flat roofs and low-sloped roofs. Our unique cross-linked chemistry and continuous bonding properties, make the SureCoat Roof System the ONLY roof coating system that can be used as a partial roof system now and later be integrated into a fully warranted roof system that warrants coverage in areas of ponding water.

Contact us today about how this system will make you a hero to your customers!   877-823-7873

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How to Sell More Roofs in 2014

3 Things Every Roofer Should be Doing in 2014

Do you want to sell more commercial and industrial roofing projects this year? We want to help you grow the commercial roofing and industrial roofing side of your business in 2014!

Every business faces obstacles. It is up to you to re-evaluate, refocus and reshape your business plan to succeed this year!

Just the simplest 3-step-plan can drive sales to another level for you in 2014. So, read on and think about the changes that you need to make for a better bottom line this year. Roofers and Roofing Contractors, we are talking to you!

We are asking you to stop for a moment to re-evaluate your approach for what you are trying to accomplish. Are you going after the relationship, the repeat customer, or maybe you desire to do more school roofing projects or school housing roofs?

For example, SureCoat Systems sells solutions. We help to develop many of the waterproof coatings that we then distribute throughout the USA and internationally for the complete building envelope. Based on their research for solutions building owners call us for their water intrusion problems after others have failed. We serve those with concrete, metal, wood, single ply, stucco and all types of flat roofing problems. Here at SureCoat Systems, through education and field testing, we solve problems that have been ignored by the industry for decades.

This is a great time to reflect on your accomplishments in 2013 before making any changes to your New Year’s Business Plan. There is no better time than now to put your forethought ideas to rest and precede the competition in your area!

1. Evaluate your current business model.  Break it down and look at it. Become aware of what you have been doing until now; identify any weakness in it. Is there a procedure in place to keep leads from falling through the cracks or from missing follow-ups? What has not been working and needs to go this year?

2. Identify what has worked in your current plan. Research it and see if anything is changing that will affect what you have been doing until now. Social media is an ever-changing example of this. We went from optimizing our search-engine ranking with keywords on our website to using hash tags in social media posts. Do you even know what a hash tag is?

3. Talk about it! Reach out to others. Ask other professionals in your field what they are doing. Ask what is working and what’s not. Social media is a great place for this. Linked in, Google, Facebook and Word Press are all great places to start. Look for a page, group or forum where others are discussing construction, waterproofing or roofing. You may be surprised at how much we are able to help each other without ever meeting. This is a win-win for everyone! With all the blogging and social sites available at your fingertips these days, your resources are unlimited.

What is your vision for your company?  What are your goals this year?  What is working for you?

We want to hear from you!  Contact us at


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How Emulsion and Acrylic Roof Systems Fail

Just Say NO To Acrylic!

We are seeing many of these types of failures within 3 years of  installation. The video below and the photo to the right are  asphaltic bentonite clay emulsion roofs with an acrylic coating  topcoat. This is what happens when water ponds on these types
of roofing systems.roof-coating-roofing

The acrylic top coat is not waterproof so water and moisture  penetrated the acrylic roof coating causing it to fail, exposing  the emulsion. After time, the UV rays and heat breaks down the  bentonite clay emulsion. This is the “waterproofing” in an  emulsion acrylic roof system. The oils are baked out in a short  period of time and the emulsion deteriorates. Once the  emulsion has begun to deteriorate, leaks begin. Left unprotected the emulsion roof will lose all of its waterproofing  ability in a short period of time, leaving behind a dirt roof (see photo to the right). A SureCoat Roof System is exceedingly UV stable therefore, ponding water does not affect its  waterproofing ability and heat and UV has little effect on the Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of a  SureCoat roof.

Read more on Emulsion and Acrylic here…

Acrylic and Emulsion Roof Video

This is an 88,000 SF BUR with a failing emulsion and acrylic system that was installed just a few  years ago. This is what happens when water ponds on these types of roofing systems. Watch the You Tube Video:

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What Roof Coating Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know

Part 2 … “What Roof Coating Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know”

What are you getting for your money? A material ‘Defect’ or material ‘Performance’ warranty? Last week we went over how to calculate the cost of a coating or paint material mil for mil (what’s left after the material dries) vs. just comparing gallon cost. This was only part of the story… This week we will tell you “What Roof Coating Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know.”

Does your roof warranty offer you a state of performance for the life of the system or just a material defect warranty?

The TRUTH is that ponding water will void most all manufacturers’ roof warranties on flat roofs and low slope roofs. This is because ponding water will permeate under a coating system, turn to vapor then gas off, causing the roof coating to blister, tear and fail. Single Ply roof manufacturers will not cover ponding water either. This is because of the hundreds or thousands of seams throughout the roof field. Ponding water on single ply roofs will accelerate the aging and wear of the roof material, causing the single ply roof to delaminate from the roof substrate or separate at the seams, shrink and curl. Ultimately, you are not covered for leaks if you have a flat roof or low slope roof with either of these examples.

Commercial and industrial roofing material manufacturers also don’t want you to know that ponding water is “water that sits on a roof longer than 48 hours after it stops raining”. There are a few manufacturers out there that say their roof system is made for flat roofs that pond water but after you look at your coverage page of the roof warranty; the roof is only covered for up to 48 hours of standing water. In the roofing industry, this is not really considered ponding water.

The SureCoat Roof System does not have any limits on how long or deep a roof pond can be because it is Truly Waterproof, Surface to Substrate! Be aware of the coverage you have and don’t have when it comes to your flat roof and low sloped roof projects.

SureCoat Systems offers renewable written 10 to 20 year warranties covering leaks on flat roofs and low slope roofs in areas of ponding water without limits of time and size.

Solving problems that have been ignored by the industry through education and field testing.

Call 877/823-7873 today and for your SureCoat Roof System information package.

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Roof Coating Cost Comparison

Roof Coating Cost Comparison

SureCoat Systems is the right partner for the progressive-minded Contractor that wants permanent, environmentally responsible solutions for flat and low-slope roofs that pond water. If your customers want the best products, solutions and warranties for their flat and low-slope roofs, then SureCoat’s liquid applied roof system is the solution.

We can offer over 30 years of contracting experience to roofing contractors that are moving away from hot mop, torch down and single ply and want to grow their coating business with a real waterproof membrane and real warranties. SureCoat Systems doesn’t offer hype and tall tales; we offer real solutions with warranties that you can hang your reputation on. SureCoat Systems’ products solve the problems that have been ignored by the industry for decades on low-slope and flat roofs. Together we can change the way the industry looks at flat and low slope roofs.


A specification written for a coating system is described in two ways. One is by the finished “required” dry film thickness – the DFT. The other is the minimum “recommended” number of gallons per 100 square feet (SF). The “required” dry film thickness (DFT) and the “recommended” number of gallons per 100 square feet are not always equal to the same amount of coating. It sounds confusing because it is. It is also the reason the contractor who has the license and bond can be left holding the bag if he doesn’t understand what that means.

There is ONE SIMPLE MATH FORMULA that will provide the answer and it only takes seconds to calculate. All you need to know is the solid content by volume of the coating (SBV). The formula looks like this:

Short form: 1604 x SBV/100 = DFT

Long form: 1604 multiplied by the Solids by Volume (SBV) divided by 100 SF = the dry film thickness (DFT) of 1 gallon of coating over a 100 SF area.

A typical white cool roof reflective coating only has 35% SBV and 4.75 gallons in a pail:
1604 x .35 / 100 = 5.614 DFT x 4.75 = 26.6665 mils DFT in each pail
(5.614 dry mils per gal per 100 SF)

SureCoat Roof Coatings have a very high solid content of 65% and have a ‘real’ 5 gallons in a pail:
1604 x .65 = 10.426 DFT x 5 = 52.13 mils DFT in each pail
(10.426 dry mils per gal per 100 SF)

Another trend is that manufacturers are only putting 4.75 gallons of coating in a 5 gallon pail. SureCoat still has 5 gallons of coating in a 5 gallon pail. Most contractors are used to pricing the materials out by figuring how many pails they need for a project and using the cost per pail. This can cause a huge discrepancy in the cost of the system. If a coating only has 35% SBV, it is going to dry at about 5.641 mils per gal per 100 SF or square (SQ). Most 10 year cool roof systems are going to be around 40-50 mils DFT. Of that, the fabric in the system is usually 9-11 mils leaving about 40-41 mils of coating required. It would take over 7 gallons per square to achieve that dry film thickness at 35% solids by volume. Now if there are only 4.75 gallons in a 5 gallon pail; each pail is going to be short ¼ gallon. Always figure out the amount of material needed for the job by the actual gallons otherwise you will run sort on your project.

A 4.75 gal pail of coating with 35% SBV only has 26.79475 dry mils of material in it.
A 5 gal pail of SureCoat with 65% SBV has 52.13 dry mils of material in it.

It takes the same amount of time to apply wet coating material, but it will take almost double the time in labor to achieve the same dry mil thickness on the roof because twice as much coating has to be applied to reach the needed DFT. Labor is more expensive than materials because of the payroll tax burden and workers compensation which is paid based on the amount of your payroll.

This is why the acrylic manufacturers don’t want you to know the whole story; they just want you to think having a lower price per gallon is all that matters.

Read next month SureCoat Systems’ Review for the other half of the story

Part 2 ………… – “What Roof Coating Manufacturers Don’t Want You To Know”

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How to fix a Tar & Gravel Roof

How to fix a Tar & Gravel Roof with SureCoat
Contractors are constantly surprised that they don’t have to do a complete (and possibly hazardous) tear-off when re-roofing an old tar and gravel roof and that you can use a coating like SureCoat. When we said SureCoat can be applied over ANY existing substrate (except silicone), we meant it!

Tar and gravel on flat or low-sloped roofs are one of the most difficult roof systems to detect and repair leaks. The gravel hides the surface of the roof and often creates a water dam on a flat roof that allows water to pond for long periods of time. When the HVAC or other trade contractor walks on a dried out gravel roof, the rocks puncture the brittle roof membrane. Many times, these types of roofs will have dozens of mastic puddles throughout the roof where roof leak repairs have been attempted.

Once the roof is brittle and has reached the end of its life cycle, it is better to consider a full reconditioning. Otherwise, years can be spent chasing leaks. A puncture in the roof membrane from a rock can even appear as a leak in another area. The SureCoat Roof System restores a tar and gravel roof while adding the cool roof benefits that it never had, not even on day one. The problem is that walking on gravel over brittle felt or paper only increases the chances of developing another leak. Mastics absorb heat and become brittle after being in direct sunlight for 6 months. The gravel should always be removed to properly perform a repair.

The SureCoat Roof System is the best option for reconditioning an existing gravel roof. The SureCoat Roof System with its single-component, epoxy-hybrid coating will use the existing roof deck to add performing attributes that a gravel roof never had. There are a few steps initially to prepare a gravel roof for the SureCoat Roof System application. The full installation process is done once. After that, maintenance topcoats are only needed every 10-15 years to renew the roof and warranty.

The SureCoat Roof System converts a gravel roof into a sustainable, renewable and Energy Saving roof system. Watch the video and see the magic happen!

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