Have you seen our latest roof repair vid

Have you seen our latest roof repair video? YouTube it first here: http://ow.ly/zxiA308AauW – 2 min. cold weather flat roof repairs video.

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An article repost from 2014 on the unsee

An article repost from 2014 on the unseen damage that hail can cause to single-ply roof membranes. See on LinkedIn here: http://ow.ly/cokk308lyn2 or in a browser here: http://ow.ly/BAl6308lyBC

#SureCoat #HailDamageRepairCoatings #HailSinglePlyRoofs http://ow.ly/i/r9W0N http://ow.ly/i/r9W1P

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Hail Storms are on the radar! Watch out

Hail Storms are on the radar! Watch out Louisiana, Georgia, Florida and even California property owners. See how these roofers have saved over 170,000 s.f. of roofing from hail damage… http://ow.ly/6d7V308jZJu

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If you know someone in need, plant the seed! Please share. TY http://ow.ly/i/r8k8i

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Maximize your Roof Coating Business in 2

Maximize your Roof Coating Business in 2017 as a Seamless Single-Ply Approved Contractor! Even your installers can complete the process quickly without ever leaving the office.

Check out our new webpage now! http://ow.ly/jQzk307JDA0

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Hotel in Memphis keeps 23,000 SF of Roofing out of Landfills


Date: July 2, 2015
Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877-823-7873, jamie@surecoatsystems.com

Real Value Inn and Suites of Tennessee saved 23,000 SF of roofing from landfills near the Memphis International Airport.





imagejpeg_0 (13)


Memphis, TN – What is a roof restoration system? When considering restoration of a commercial or industrial low-slope type roof such as a Built-up roof (BUR), there are key components that must be researched to ensure that you are choosing a true “roof system”.

1. Preparation – Clean the surface to be restored. Preparation is as much a part of a roof restoration system as it is painting a car or sealing a concrete floor. You must first clean the surface to be restored. Anyone who says you don’t have to clean the surface first likely has little experience with coatings or roof restoration systems. It is only a matter of time before a coating material will begin to peel and delaminate when installed over a dirty or oily roof surface.

2. Quality Products – A true roof restoration coating product will have a perm rating of less than 1.0. Anything higher than this is not considered waterproof. Moisture will permeate through a material with a perm rating of 1.0 or greater even if all the other steps have been completed thoroughly. The coating material should also have an elongation of 350-450% and a tensile strength of over 400 psi.

3. Reinforcement – Don’t disregard this step. Does it take a little labor, yes, but this is what makes the roof coating system an actual “roof system” and not just a roof maintenance painting to be performed every year. There are several types of reinforcement and not all are equal or have the same purpose. The purpose of reinforcement in a roof restoration system is tensile strength. This is not to be confused with fabric used to keep oil and water (emulsion and acrylic) connected.

4. Support – Customer service and installation support are as much a part of the roof system as the contractor installing it. Anyone can sell and ship you materials, but are they there when you call them for support while on the roof? A company that sells a restoration system and not just products will be able to offer you support because they are part of a team that offers you support through the installation of their roof system and not just sales representatives.

Take it from the Real Value Inn and Suites in Memphis, Tennessee. The Real Value Inn recently completed the installation of 23,000 SF of the SureCoat Roof System over a BUR. This hotel roof was leaking throughout at only 15 years of age. The winter of 2014/2015 had the owner of the Real Value Inn getting quotes for a new roof. Their many previous attempts to fix and repair the roof leaks with tar patches had failed and so Mr. Kaushal, General Manager and Owner of the Real Value Inn, sought out new roof alternatives.

So why choose a roof restoration and not a new roof? The number one reason is to avoid the down-falls of traditional roof replacement. Eliminate seams, welding and the same roof leak issues encountered with the existing roof. Other costs eliminated with a roof restoration compared to a new roof installation are the expenses of tear-off, down time and disposal in landfills.

There are hundreds of coatings on the market today but very few are recognized as roof restoration systems. The majority of these coatings are to keep UV off of an unstable traditional roof system. The main problem that we have encountered is that these reflective roof coatings are being sold as waterproofing or roof systems when there is no “system” to them whatsoever. When researching, evaluate the Technical Engineering Data testing. You will easily see that the ASTM and other testing results prove that they are in fact not waterproof at all.

After having performed his research, the owner of the Real Value Inn decided upon the SureCoat Roof System. Being that the hotel was facing severe roof leaks due to freezing temperatures in the winter season, the SureSet option allowed this roof to be sealed and reinforced in a much shorter time period so that the business could continue to operate and rent out rooms to their new arrivals. Located near the Memphis International Airport, leak-free rooms and minimal down-time was of extreme importance to this family-owned business.

When interviewing Mr. Kaushal, General Manager and Owner of the Real Value Inn and Suites, he stated “Really Jeff Cyran, Installation Tech Support of SCS, helped my contractor, to complete the project. The roof looks brand new and has NO LEAKS! The contractor did a great job with this easy to use material and technology developed by SureCoat Systems.”

When asked why SureCoat and not something else, Mr. Kaushal stated that he really liked the process and the material after trying it out and comparing the SCRS to other competitors products.

You can find the Real Value Inn online at http://www.realvalueinn.com or contact the owner by emailing arun@realvalueinn.com.

Questions or comments about this article can be sent to jamie@surecoatsystems.com. Please visit us online at http://www.surecaotsystems.com for more information about our waterproof roof restoration system or call us today at 877-823-7873.

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RCMA Merger with the Reflective Roof Coatings Institue

RCMA Announces its Merger with the Reflective Roof Coatings Institute.

Click here for Original Press Release –  1/1/2015 by Laura Dwulet, 202/207-1119/ldwulet@roofcoatings.org

RRCI logo

Please read the following and share with us the benefits of this organizations merge to your business in the New Year!



RCMA Announces its Merger with the Reflective Roof Coatings Institute 

WASHINGTON, DC  (January 1, 2015) –  The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association (RCMA) and the Reflective Roof Coatings Institute (RRCI) have merged together into one industry association which will continue to advance, promote, and expand the national and international market for roof coatings through education, outreach, technical advancement, and advocacy.

“RCMA is thrilled to merge with the Reflective Roof Coatings Institute,” said John Ferraro, RCMA Executive Director. “RRCI has been a leader on reflective roof coatings issues and we look forward to their members’ expertise within RCMA. This merger will go a long way to increase RCMA’s growth in both its membership and its recognition within the larger roofing industry.”

Bringing the two associations together will better position the roof coatings industry in the various legislative, regulatory, and building code development arenas that affect the two associations’ consolidated membership. The merger between RCMA and RRCI will result in a stronger, more unified voice for federal and state advocacy initiatives and a more robust communications and marketing program for roof coatings. In addition, the merger will result in a more detailed and comprehensive industry shipment report which will be a huge benefit to members.

RCMA has made a number of changes to its committee and task force structure, including the creation of the new RCMA Reflective Roof Coatings Institute. Through the development of technical bulletins, case studies, white papers, and research, this institute will allow RCMA to be a tremendous technical and educational resource to the industry. A strong emphasis will be placed on outreach to the end-user of coatings products, so that RCMA can ensure proper and accurate information is available for their benefit.

The RCMA Annual Meeting will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 22-23, 2014, in conjunction with the International Roofing Expo. The programming, speakers, and topics featured at the RCMA Annual Meeting represent broad segments of the science, technology, and professional expertise on roof coatings. Registration for this meeting opens on January 5, and current RCMA members as well as non-members are welcome to attend.

The association will continue to be called the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association, with the existing logo and website. For more information on RCMA activities, programs, and initiatives, please visit us at www.roofcoatings.org.


SHARE with us the BENEFITS of the RCMA & RRCI merge to your BUSINESS in 2015!

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Roofing Around Solar Panels



Date: December 8, 2014
Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877-823-7873, jamie@surecoatsystems.com

Ever wish that you could work around the solar panels when installing a new roof? Any building owner with roof leaks or hail damage and a roof-mount solar system certainly does!

Pioneer Roofing and Specialties, has been voted Las Cruces’ Best Roofing Contractor 5 years in a row by the readers of the Las Cruces Sun-News and I am guessing that their pioneering efforts like those seen on this completed SureCoat Roof System project are partly to blame!

Mario Moreno, owner of Pioneer Roofing, and his crews have sold and installed dozens of SureCoat Roof Restorations this coating season throughout the city of Las Cruces alone! Mario has three crews and SureCoat roof installs booked well into spring of 2015.
Just look at the perfection of this roof on the home of the Eric and Donna Johnson in the Horseshoe neighborhood of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Mario and his crew installed a complete SureCoat Roof Restoration while the Johnson’s solar system stayed in place on their roof! Eliminating removal of the solar energy system alone saved these homeowners thousands of dollars and the more panels on the roof, the higher the cost of disconnection and reinstallation. Look at this case study performed on the South Coast AQMD. The cost to disconnect and reinstall just one of their solar systems was estimated at $80,000.

This roof turned out to be a Latent Hail Damage case which required a Forensic Specialist to diagnose. When originally inspected, the claim on this hail damaged roof was minimal only paying for a few damaged parapet wall areas. Concerned that they were in need of a more thorough evaluation, Mr. Eric Johnson, PE, both a Professional Engineer and practicing professor at NMSU, further pursued his claim with State Farm Insurance. It was then, that State Farm called in a Forensic Specialist from Colorado.

Read the rest of this Press Release online here…

Read more about the pioneering roofer of Las Cruces and the services their company offers here at Rooferllc.


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Environmentally Friendly and Economically Smart Roofing



Date: November 25, 2014
Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877-823-7873, jamie@surecoatsystems.com

Vets at Work Contracting, Inc. completed this environmentally friendly and economically smart roofing system by using the existing gravel built-up roof as the base for their new roof when installing the SureCoat Roof System.


9,600 SF of this 10,000 SF roof was restored with a reroof alternative that is making its name known across the United States, SureCoat Systems, famous for the SureCoat Roof System. SureCoat Systems has continued to awe the industry with solutions to construction building problems that have plagued the industry for decades.

Vets at work is a veteran owned and operated construction company specializing in the SureCoat Roof System for hospitals, churches, government buildings and other specialized projects where environment and cost are important. Read the rest of the story here…

– See more at: http://www.surecoatsystems.com/vets_at_work_gravel_roof_restoration_leland_ms_church_project.asp#sthash.B4FdWvBk.dpuf

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Underground Concrete Sump Waterproofed on Fire Training Tower in the City of Downey


Date: October 31, 2014

Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877/823-7873, jamie@surecoatsystems.com

It may seem a little SPOOKY to you, but we are not SCARED!  The SureCoat Roof System was installed as a waterproofing protection and prevention system to the underground sump of the Fire Training Tower for the City of Downey.

Downey, California
– The SureCoat Roof System was used by local approved contractor, JemStar Construction, to waterproof the underground water holding sump and the inside walls for the City of Downey’s Fire Training Tower. The city’s main concern was to keep water from permeating through the water containing sump and into the surrounding ground.

Fire Training Tower

Fire Training Tower in the city of Downey, California, USA.

This was not the City of Downey’s first attempt to eradicate this issue.  The sump of this concrete tower had hairline cracks that were allowing for water seepage through all sides of the walls. The products previously used as an attempt to stop the issue failed.

Other cities have this same problem with their fire training towers.  Some are so bad that the water intrusion into the ground has caused erosion to the point that the fire training towers are leaning.  This water erosion has caused the surrounding ground to become unstable and unable to support the tower any longer in this condition.  The training towers that have reached to this point must undergo more major construction to restabilize the ground before waterproofing the sump and putting the training towers back in service.


Training Tower water sump before SureCoat

Water Holding Sump BEFORE the SureCoat Roof System

SureSkrub, SureCoat and Poly-Mesh create the SureCoat Roof System. This same waterproof roof system has been tested and proven TRUE for other uses as well.  Contractors have experimented with various uses of SureCoat and invented new solutions using this same Field Tested and proven waterproofing system.


Underground concrete holding walls and sump waterproofed with the SureCoat Roof System.

The SureCoat Roof System has been used for containment systems, walls and decking in addition to flat roofs and low-sloped roofs.  This SureCoat Systems’ Approved Contractor used their SureCoat roofing experience for this unique waterproofing solution.

Do you have a SureCoat waterproofing story that you want to tell us about?  Share it with us and we’ll share it with everyone!

About the Product: The SCRS is flexible enough to bridge cracks, withstand the expansion and contraction caused by movement, vibration and thermal cycling, and retain its tightly cross-linked molecular structure; remaining waterproof, UV stable and energy efficient.  “One Bucket, Thousands of Uses”, Download the brochure today.

Don’t be AFRAID to try the SCRS for your specialty project today. If you’re not SURE, CALL and SPEAK with a Product Specialist today at 877-823-7873.

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Air Quality Monitoring Station – Restored vs. Replaced in Anaheim, California


Date: October 28, 2014
Contact: Jamie Barnett, 877-823-7873, info@surecoatsystems.com
Contractor: JemStar Construction Services

Anaheim, CA – The South CoastAQMD facilitates air quality monitoring stations throughout Southern California. Most look like this storage container. These off-site offices hold weather sensitive air quality monitoring equipment and computers. These offices are always active and occupied intermittently for monitoring and testing of air quality and gathering data for testing. This expensive, high-tech machinery must be protected from heat as well as water.

AQMD - Metal building

Air Quality Monitoring Station located in Orange County, California – USA.


Air Quality Monitoring Station located in Orange County, California – USA.


Air Quality Monitoring Station located in Orange County, California – USA.

This air quality monitoring station and four others have been restored over the last year using SureCoat and a SureCoat Approved Contractor. These containers were covered in rust because standard paints and coatings used in the past were unable to stop the oxidation process that leads to rusting.  You can see from the picture that the rust bled through the paint as it continued to degrade the metal.

Metal roofs and containers are extruded and anodized or painted at the factory before they are installed in the field. The baked on coatings have not provided any energy-saving benefit in the past. Most worn metal roofs have been neglected to the point that rust is evident. There will be missing fasteners that have come loose through the thermal cycling process and popped off. Beyond the surface rust, there are often holes in the metal where the roof has rusted through. Often these roofs are not attended to until there is a leak and multiple issues present.

Regular exterior paint and acrylic roof coatings cannot hold up to the constant thermal cycling, heat, UV radiation exposure. In addition, the preparation work required to paint metal is extensive and often includes primer coats, rust inhibitors, and several topcoats. All the work the contractor is required to do will not add any integrity to these paints and coatings. The oxidation process that causes rust is not stopped because water can still reach the metal as moisture permeates through paints and acrylic coatings. Rust will appear from under the paint or coating proving the degradation of the metal has continued.

In addition, sheet metal used to make HVAC duct work and plenums will also rust if left unprotected. HVAC duct seams, roof jacks and other metal flashings are often sealed with black and gray mastics. These mastics absorb heat, become brittle and split in a short period of time and need constant maintenance to keep the seal watertight.

The SureCoat Roof System coating material is an excellent product to seal metal seams and to protect sheet metal from rust. The elastomeric, monolithic, waterproof membrane adheres to all types of metals including factory coated metal, galvanized, bonderized, mild steel, sheet metal and aluminum. The SureCoat Roof System forms an elastomeric, seamless, protective, waterproof membrane over the roof field that moves with thermal cycles.

Without water and air, the oxidation process is interrupted so rust no longer forms on the metal.

Exposed duct runs can be sealed to keep the heated or cool air from escaping through the seams. SureCoat Roof System material emits 93% of the heat which will keep cold air from heating up as it passes through the ducts in the summer for better efficiency and lower cooling costs. The lowered demand on the HVAC system may help to extend the life of the equipment.

SureCoat is Field-Tested™ and Proven to be the most effective metal restoration coating available for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, storage and maintenance over metal.

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